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The Maroon has garnered great reviews!

Here are some excerpts below from various sites with links to the full articles!

"Constantly being hunted can tear at your soul and creator and writer Derek W. Lipscomb has an ending to ‘The Maroon’ storyline arc that will leave you with a whole set of feelings you won’t know what to do with."

-Donna-lyn Washington,

"We gave it a crack and discovered a fantastic series with genre combinations that have yet to be explored on screen. The Maroon combines Leone’s Man with No Name trilogy with the fantastic mythology of American legends and history, all while never once pulling a single punch or tomahawk throw."

- Anthony Cleveland,

"The plot is dynamic, and follows a rule that I believe is never emphasized enough when talking about serial content: do not end at a dead point. After reading The Maroon #1 I was completely blown away by the questions that kept coming to my mind."

-Elisa Napolitano,

"The Maroon is packed with vibrant art, with lush green environments, and emotive and sympathetic characters.  The action is clearly conveyed, and each panel beautifully composed. There’s a level of detail that shows a real passion, and we found ourselves drawn into this world from the first image."

"Story: 10 

Art: 10 

Overall: 10 

Recommendation: Buy"



"The color work in The Maroon is very vivid and the use of bright colors and shadow add to the dramatic storyline. I also enjoyed the introduction of a supernatural beast and am intrigued to see if more beings will appear."



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