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Welcome to the official site of

The Maroon!

The Maroon is an ongoing comic book series created by Derek W. Lipscomb. The story details the events of a lone nameless Black Seminole, on the run from the law for an atrocity that was pinned on him! But as he searches for sanctuary, he not only encounters fiendish men and women, but mythical figures as well as the supernatural!

The Maroon is in the tradition of

classic American Folklore, but with

a modern mature spin.

It is American Folklore remixed!

"After reading The Maroon #1 I was completely blown away by the questions that kept coming to my mind."

-Elisa Napolitano - The Indie Toaster


"The story by Lipscomb is intense, action packed and true to people’s behaviors at the time. Altogether, if you like your westerns with a tinge of the fantastical, this is

right up your alley."

-Pharoahmiles - Graphic Policy

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