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The Voice interviews Derek W. Lipscomb of The Maroon!

Have Ax, will Travel


Ep. 78 - Traveling through southern US in 1850 with an ax and bounty hunters after him. The Maroon comic by Derek Lipscomb is a nail biter every issue. Hear the author, illustrator, publisher talk about the character and his process of creating the Maroon universe. A lot of bad people get an ax in the face. Wonderful.

(mature themes)

Joining us today, we got a fella who's going to be a legend of the Indie Comix world, mark my words, Derek W. Lipscomb, sole creator of the old west series with a bit of fantasy thrown on top, The Maroon. If you are playing Red Dead Redemption 2, re-watching Django Unchained and/or going on a Conon The Barbarian marathon, this is the must read book for you. Balls to the wall pure awesome! So come on by and have a listen as we have laughs and talk the indie comic world and all the good parts that motivate us to create what we love on another adventure in the Indie Comix Club Podcast. Nothing but good times, so grab these books and more at Comix Central and help out the little guys and gals of the indie world.

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