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One of the great things about being an indie creator/publisher is that you are not alone. You can see that truth at the numerous conventions held abroad, as various writers, artists and other creative types set up tables to peddle their ideas to the vast seas of spectators. Supporting one another is something I truly believe in as we all want each other to do well. I created this page to acknowledge those I have worked with or had associated with. We all stem from the same root, wanting to bare our fruits of labor to those willing to eat, thus the support branch is born!

Support Branch

Having helped establish A.S.S. has been a tremendously satisfying accomplishment for me personally, and I learned quite a bit of the "do's and don'ts" of the comic industry in my tenure with them. I am excited to see what these guys do going forward with Poverty Pack, Poverty Thrill Adventures and all related stories.

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I've known Mr. Coles for a over 5 years, and he's always had his foot in the creative river.  Brian manages to bring his brand of humor into various outlets (such as his main site link above) and his numerous projects, of which many I've served  in ways such as cover artist (Laithe and Wesley), test audience (The Happy Middle) and useless consultant (The Mighty Riff). In turn, Brian (along with his wife Rose) has helped me fine-tune my stories for The Maroon, and serves as copy editor for each issue. Mr. Coles is also working directly with me on writing the story for issue #4.

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